27 July 2010

Trends: Lovely Linen

I'm on a self imposed shopping ban right now.

I'm looking for a new house at the moment, and in preparation for the move, I'm trying to get as much sorted out now that I can. Yesterday, I attacked my wardrobe. How on EARTH do I have so many clothes? I think I'm going to make it a mission to wear something completely different every day for the next two months. I may even take pictures after I get my camera back.

Anyway, my latest love after finding things that I'd forgotten I had is linen. In the back of my closet I found a really cute cropped linen jacket which I seem to remember getting 4 years ago. There's something about the fabric which is just timelessly elegant.


  1. LOVE the hat and the scarf!!! Minus the fact that the scarf is $98! But still- beautiful!!

  2. yeah - That kinda threw me too - but I still love it :)