20 February 2013

DIY Ombre Red Hair

I discovered at the weekend that L'oreal came out with an ombre hair dye kit.
Excited? Oh yes.

But as usual, there's not a kit for red heads. Boo. So i got the dark blond one and gave it a whirl. Following the instructions exactly, this is what I ended up with:

 There was a change, but way subtler than I wanted.

So I got some super blond feria, and followed the instructions for the strand test, but triples the amounts - I ended up with enough to covered the last two inches of my hair, and I left it on for an hour.
Now I'm happy :)

19 February 2013

Stamped Peg Magnets - diy

I've been getting annoyed at my fridge.

Bear with me, I'm going somewhere.

It is COVERED in random pieces of paper, drawings, photos... all held up precariously with 3 magnets. Actually, not even magnets, but magnetized business cards from people I'm never ever going to need to call. And every time I open the door, something falls off.

So today I decided to do something about it - I've seen these fab stamped clothes pegs around etsy and pinterest - and I thought, why not make some and glue a magnet to the back?

And that's what I did.

I may make more :)

14 February 2013

DIY T Shirt Re Fashion

Like I need another craft... but I've been finding all these awesome tees at the thrift store lately... and lots of ideas on Pinterest.

I did this one yesterday for Valentines - I cut off the sleeves and used them to make the rosettes, and cut a heart out of some scrap lace and sewed it on. I left the sleeve edges raw as, really, I can't sew - but I've been wearing it today and they've rolled nicely under themselves :D

Hope you're all having a fabulous Valentine's day!