23 July 2010

Bargain - Photo Pendants

Ye all know I have a...thing... about photography right? The warm fuzzies I get looking through photography shops on etsy is on par with the excitement of browsing through 20s dresses, or fabulous vintage lingerie - pulse quickens, hands shake... sometimes I even drool a little.

Sadly, my budget stops me from buying an awful lot of what I love, although after I've dealt with this house business I plan on a major shopping spree. A HUGE one.

For right now though - and I have no idea how it took me so long to discover this - I've found that lots of my favourite photographers have collaborated with jewelery makers and had their prints turned into pendants.

So for much less monies, I can WEAR my favorite shots all day long. Yes, simple things make me happy.

I bought myself this from thecharmlady.etsy.com:

 Fireworks Fill The Sky - A Little Bubble Pendant $10

which features a photo from bomobob, and it happens to go beautifully with a pink silk top I have. My 3 year old said I looked 'hot'.

Others I have my sights set on:
Ferris Wheel Mini Photo Pendant $24 heartworksbylori featuring the photography of Elle Moss

I also ADORE this idea:

 Polaroid Sterling Silver Necklace - Reach $14 by dillondesigns.etsy.com

Baby Blythe also wants in on the action  - I've promised to buy her this:


  1. The Firworks Fill the Sky pendant is lovely! What a great way to make wearable, affordable art.

  2. I agree with Melinda! That Fireworks Fill the Sky pendant is beautiful! I like!

  3. off to check out ALL those right now!! You always find such cool stuff!