14 May 2010

Friday Finds: Shadow Box

Before we begin today - check it out - 200 followers! Cheers all, I love you and it makes me feel very loved that 200 people like reading my ramblings enough to hit the follow button :)

While I was at Holly's I noticed a difference between our house - she has many, many pretty things - you know, stuff that really doesn't do much, but are just pretty.

I don't have things :( Most things in my house are useful,  and if they aren't, it's only that my husband thinks I'm selling them that they get to stay.

So for today's post, I give you many totally useless (well, kinda) but very pretty, things:

Fabulous 1920s Flapper powder wand $119.99 from crashnbrn53.etsy.com

Vintage Decanter Labels $79 Boneflowers.etsy.com

Vintage travel Vanity $40 aldetha.etsy.com

Vintage Baby Shoes $58 hatstoflats.etsy.com

I did get me some pretty things to put in my cabinet - you can see some of them in the background of my new listings: blythehopesvintage.etsy.com

And if you like these things - check out the treasury I made to accompany this post:


  1. MMmmm, shiny pretty things! Probably a good thing I don't have any more room in here :D

  2. Congrats on 200! Re things, pretty for the sake of pretty vs. utilitarian; I was struck quite early on in life with how THINGS outlast people. People pass, and what remains (often untouched because they were "too good" to use!) are their THINGS. I absorbed bits and pieces of their things into MY home and life. Yes, some are strictly pretty and warm my heart just on sight and the connection with the person to whom they belonged. BUT, a big lesson I learned is to USE things ... use them every day so that you enjoy them. Now when choosing things to absorb into my home from a passed love-one's possessions, I choose useful things. Then I enjoy them, use them constantly, think of the loved one constantly PLUS have the pleasure of vintage beauty and ingeniously simplistic pieces.
    Diane Eve

  3. Congratulations on 200 followers! wow :o)

    Loved your treasury, so pretty and sweet!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. Congrats on 200 followers. I have so many things that are pretty for the sake of pretty. It makes me happy to look at pretty things. lol.