23 April 2010

Friday Finds: My Perfect Bedroom

So we've just been told that our landlord is selling up - so we're gonna have to make some decisions pretty sharpish. We desperately want to build a house over at the farm - but that's gonna take some saving. In the mean time, I've been dreaming about my perfect master bedroom....

(no one is allowed to buy this - I want it)
One day my dears.... One day.


  1. Beautiful...thanks so much for including my vanity set! Such an inspiring collection and I hope that you do get your dream farm house!!!

  2. I LOVE the bedroom!! AND the alarm clark. I'm not sure my partner would let me shabby chic the bedroom though - too "girly" :-p

  3. @Rachel - yeah, I totally don't think I could get DH to go for it. But it's almost nice enough to consider separate bedrooms lol

  4. I don't know quite why, but that bed totally freaks me out! There's no way I could ever sleep in it! :P Love the other things..... actually have items very much like most of 'em. :)