25 April 2010

Sunday Specials: My new favorite things

As usual, I hit the thrifts and estate sales yesterday with my dear husband. Bless the man, he doesn't really get it, but he still comes along with me, and keeps the wee one occupied while I hunt.

I didn't find much for the shop yesterday, however, I did find some fabulous things for me :)

Like these:

I'm totally in love with the typewriter - it's that wonderful 70s aqua blue colour - we had a mini argument about it as it has a crack on the back corner, and dear husband couldn't get it to work in the shop. I kept pointing out that I have an amazing contraption called a computer what types things, and I didn't care if the typewriter worked. I guess we both won really, because after I'd finished getting the groceries in the fridge I found this in the typewriter:

Bless his little cotton socks.


  1. It makes my world so right when I hear that other couples are still in love with each other too. :D

  2. So funny, I kept a lot of my "finds" this past weekend for myself too! Love the typewriter :)