03 February 2009

Lets talk 20s

The 20s are just about my favourite era in fashion. This was a time after the first world war when many women found themselves at the head of their households - and boy did they rise to it! The fight was on for equal rights, and the freedom of now being under men's thumbs could be seen in the new lines in fashion.

One of the biggest changes to support (hee hee) the new freedom in fashion was the doing away of the corset - in order to fix cars, go to work, milk the cows - have lives - women needed to be able to BREATH!

This brought on some of the most beautiful lingerie - here are some examples available from starletvintage:

Note the soft lines and lace - there's no lack of feminity in the 20s look despite the boyish lines.

Of course - the first thing most will think of with regard to 20s fashion is the flapper - which really was only popular between 1926 and 1928 when skirts rose from calf length to just above the knee -and in the late 20s asymetrical skirts led the way back to a longer length.

Check out these links for more 20s fashion history:





  1. Happy Birthday Blythe! Your flower baskets and flowers are so bright and cheery - I love them.

  2. I really like fashions from the 20's too. They are so elegant.
    I also added your blog to the Kreativ Blogger Award list.