18 February 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Goldiez at VintageLove

Here are some random facts about blythehopesvintage

1. I was born in Hong Kong - and it will always be my home.

2. I met my husband in a burns unit in China. He was accused of being an American Spy by the Chinese military as the unit he was in was adjacent to a naval base. I think the officer finally believed that he wasn't faking it when the doctors came to to change his bandages. 3rd degree burns across nearly all of your back aren't pretty.

3. I can juggle quite well actually - Thanks Alain :)

4. I like growing things

5. I'd happily work for vintage lingerie...

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  1. love hearing things about the authors behind the blogs i read.

  2. Wow Blythe, you can juggle? I'm so impressed! Thanks for the tag, dear! You beat me to it! I was tagged last week by my pal Biba, and have not posted about it, but was going to tag you! Ok, I'd better get on it and post tonight. It's always so difficult to talk about one's self.

  3. Yaay for lingerie currency! Cool that you can juggle, the only thing i can juggle is bills,LOL ;D thanks for the tag!! xoxo