18 February 2009

Getting ready for SPRING! (Finally!)

I'm so ready for the new season - bored of grays, browns, and winter in general!

So I have some new stuff up in my shop - have a gander and dream of warmer weather....

70s green polka dots

80s Floaty Floral

70s PVC Rain Coat


  1. I am definitely in the mood for spring! These look gorgeous!

  2. I am right there with you, but it's just so cold here in Michigan, only 23 degrees today. Alas I must sport winter a little longer...love that blue dress!

  3. So nice to see spring fashions on a dreary winter day, even though it's cold here too. If I close my eyes I can almost feel that warm breeze.

  4. It seemed like spring was so close last week with our hint of warmer wet weather in chicagoland, now with the cold snow picking up again brrr....but just looking at these cute little frocks has me thinking bout spring again.