03 April 2012

Yarn Egg Wreath

Pinterest has been lit up this week with awesome wreaths that people have been making, and quite frankly I was hit with a severe case of wreath envy.

Sadly, wreath bases and silk flowers aren't things I have lying around the house.

But then I saw this:

Click image for full tutorial
I have yarn. I have water balloons. I have glue. And lace. And a hot glue gun.

Mix them together, and garnish with a rolled book page rose, and enjoy:

Honestly, I even impressed myself :D


  1. That is so gorgeous Shiv!
    I want to make one. That rose is especially pretty but it looks kind of advanced for me, haha!

  2. Thanks, this story is very interesting and absorbing! I'm looking forward to reading your new stories! You wield a formidable pen, my friend!