04 April 2012

5 Easy Easter Desserts

I don't cook.

I value my family's lives too much.

However, last night I was explaining the sheer addictive power of Pinterest to my husband, and decided the best way, as the old saying goes, was through his stomach. So I did what I don't usually do and opened up the food and drink board.

To my complete surprise I discovered that there are awesome things that even I am capable of, and I thought I'd share my favorites (click the photos to be taken to the recipe - these foodies are amazing)

 1) Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs. I feel like I should just stop there, because what could possibly be better?

2) Peepshi. I have no words for the awesome:

3) A stunningly EASY rainbow fruit platter:

4) It's Apple Pie - in an apple!

5) These Raspberry Kisses look more involved, but still doable, and totally impressive looking.

Good luck!

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