01 April 2012

Easter Crafts to do this week

I can't believe Easter is only a week away! Which obviously means lots of seasonal craft opportunities (what? I'm supporting the magic of childhood).

My daughter and I made this the other day from this tutorial we found Pinterest. Super cute and fairly quick, and we already had everything on hand to make it.

I'm going to hit up the thrift tomorrow and see if I can find some silk ties - I'm sure you've all seen this tutorial floaty around the craft boards the last few weeks:


I have to make some, they're just so pretty. And obviously pretty eggs need a pretty basket, so I found this tutorial for crocheted easter baskets:

I have some gorgeous sugar and cream yarn in sort of shabby Easter colours that I've been waiting to use.

My friend Angie of CUTEureCreations kindly shared this awesome pattern on her blog yesterday - I'm already plotting which old pillow I'm going to steal the stuffing from:

Happy crafting!

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