31 March 2012

DIY Barnwood Shelves

I somehow ended up with many, many old planks in my back yard. And I really wanted shelves. And because I'm really cheap thrifty and environmentally conscious, I decided to ask the husband to make me some.

Cept he didn't.

So, I made them myself. I'd been meaning to learn how to use the miter saw anyhow.

I wanted them to be random, so I didn't measure - I just cut my board into 3 lengths, and sanded them down a bit. For the supports, I cut squares plank, with the sides the same length as the width of the board, and then cut them diagonally to make triangles.

To make them look oh so shabby and chic, I barely loaded my brush with antique white and applied it randomly.

Then it was just a case of screwing the supports to the wall with a long dry (like 3 inch) drywall screw - predrilling really helps by the way - and laying my shelves across them.

Now, all I need is more stuff to put on them.... I'm thinking bonsai trees :D

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