16 August 2010

But it's AQUA

I am utterly and completely behind on all things blog related.

I have 6 posts half finished, photos that want editing, and a list of items a mile long that I had planned on featuring last week.

Why? Am attempting to buy a house. Apparently it's all rather complicated, and not helped by the fact that American isn't my native tongue. It appears that know one knows what an Estate Agent is, and that 'solicitor'  has rather negative connotations (actually - that's true in England too). It tends to make what should be short conversations turn into lengthy translations and discussions about where I grew up.. sigh.

But it will be worth it. Let me show you why I have to have this house:

 Oh yes. It's aqua. The Realtor (see, I'm learning) laughed when I asked if I could make an offer on the stove even if they wouldn't take the offer on the house. I wasn't joking though.

Other fun features include this FABULOUS wallpaper in the bathroom:

And a totally finished attic what will be my new office:

Please, please, everyone keep all fingers and toes crossed, and remember me in your prayers - I can actually afford this house, and there aren't any rats, termites, or holes in the floor.


  1. Fingers & toes crossed. Prayers prayed (many, actually, lol) AND plans to come steal the stove that vintage dreams are made of are being planned :D (only kinda joking 'bout the stove ;)

  2. I hope it works out! A solid house in good shape, and with a few perks, too, is a good find. You'll make it beautiful - the parts that aren't already, of course!

  3. Lovely blog, nice house photos--hope you're nesting there soon. :)

    Here's a link to find yourself a matching fridge:


  4. @Tina I saw that! If I had a spare 3 grand would be totally on it - as it is I'm hoping the thrift gods will smile on me....

  5. here's hoping for a smooth transaction! we have moved quite a bit and bought/sold several houses and there are ALWAYS glitches. So don't get discouraged - most will work out!