04 August 2010

Making a Mineral makeup Palette

I adore mineral makeup. Especially eyeshadows. I have far too many.

But one thing I hate is how messy they get, especially when one has a toddler around that wants to play too.

So I came up with an ingenious idea. It really is one of my more brilliant ones I promise. I'd seen a blog post ages and ages ago about how to refill vintage compacts - and I thought to myself, hmmmmmm, I wonder if it'll work with eyeshadow too? So I tried it. And it worked.

Things you'll need:


A pill box - one of those ones with the different days of the week on will do grand

Rubbing alchohol

toothpicks/ tiny spoon/ something to stir with.


I recommend you put newspaper down wherever you decide to work - it's kinda hard to be neat doing this, and it's really hard to get these pigments out of things.

Open one little window at a time, and pour your desired eyeshadow into the box, fill it max half way. Using your eyedropper, slowly add the rubbing alcohol to the shadow and stir til it forms a paste, more on the liquidy side, but not too watery.

Close that lid off for now and repeat with the rest of your shadow. It's important to keep the lids shut as you'll find the powder wants to spill as you pour it, and you don't want the colours to mix.

Once you've finished, open all the lids up and leave over night.

As the alcohol evaporates you'll be left with shiny, mess free, cakes of mineral eyeshadow.

Who needs Urban Decay eh?

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  1. I am sooooooooo doing this. right now. LOLOLOL. Yous brilliant i tell ya :)