28 August 2010

Back from Vacay

Sigh. Back to work.

I had a great time though, we went down to the Finger Lakes - unfortunately it rained most of the time we were there, but at least they have some very cool (and giant) antique malls down there. I was going to show you the pretty 50s lace dress I got, but it sold within minutes of being listed.

We also hit up Sonnenburg Gardens, which is a wicked Victorian Mansion and park - it totally reminded me of my boarding school, Rochelle House, which sadly they tore down a few year ago to build luxury apartments (boo, hiss).

I made my Father In Law promise to build me some wooden green houses - seriously, how cool would it be to have these scattered about your yard?

Anyhow, the whole thing made me long for all things Victorian... especially the chairs....

... and the fountains....


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  1. Ah dear ol'Rochelle I drove past there the other and had a flashback to PTA meetings with Julia etc !!