06 June 2010

Oh the Shiny...

I often wish I had occasion to wear the pretty dresses I have, but somehow right now, my life doesn't exactly lend it's self toward satin cocktail dresses, 40s gowns, or killer suits.

However, I know that somewhere there's a home waiting for these things, where they'll be loved, cherished and adored :)


  1. I find myself in the same boat - no place to wear such lovely clothes. You have such a beautiful collection in your shop, and might I add that you look gorgeous modeling these fabulous garments! Your hair looks so cute in curls too :) You should keep that nightgown - it's stunning on you!

  2. I was thinking the same thing! That pink nightgown is beautiful.

  3. I haven't the occasions or reasons either, but it sure is lovely to see 'em; and you look so lovely in them! If you had a 3D shop, you could wear something different every day there and set the mood for the shop!