06 June 2010

Here kitty kitty....

So I'm thinking of attempting another kitten.

I've not had much luck with them really. I got my current cat Mel, when she was about 4 months old, and she's fabulous, really strong, healthy - a real hunter. She actually hid from me for about 4 months after I got her, she'd only come out at night to eat, so I took to getting up at 3am to sit quietly in the dark so she'd get used to me.

She's now a totally mush, bless her, and is rarely very far from me.

However, she does not play well with others. I've tried to introduce 2 kittens into the household since I've had her, and she's hunted and terrorized them so much that I had to separate them. As it turns out, both the kittens had a random bug, and ended up dying despite the vet doing everything they could for them.

I'd pretty much given up on having another - but now the latest litter at the farm is seriously cute and tempting.

There are two I'm trying to decide between, this blond one:

And this gray one:


I'm leaning towards the gray one, she's really healthy looking, very playful, and runs up to me whenever I'm outside. The blond is more docile, very sweet tempered, but I need a tough kitten that's not going to get frightened by Mel pretending she's a tiger...


  1. The blonde one is SO cute

    Little Rachael Vintage

  2. I think you should get them both. :) I'm sorry about losing the other two, that had to be tough.

  3. hahaha - I'll totally end up as that 'weird vintage cat lady' and all the neighborhood children will tell stories about me....

  4. LOL ... from one weird vintage cat lady in the making to another! :P I agree with Modred and think you should try 'em both. If you can manage only one, I'd vote for the grey. We had one who looked very much like that kitten ... and she looked like that all her life too. She was extraordinary -- didn't get close with our others like to cuddle or anything, but she didn't take any crap either! We didn't realize till she passed that she was The QUEEN and the others bent to HER wishes. Maybe that's just what you need with your older one not readily accepting kittens.

    Will be anxious to hear how things go......