04 June 2010

Friday Finds: Airstream Living

I love Airstreams. Ideally I'd own like 5 of them and have them be all different rooms in a disconnected house. Of course that wouldn't work up here in the frozen north, but maybe down south somewhere.

Image by http://www.vintageairstream.com/

I've seen some seriously cool stuff done with the insides of them too - Magnolia Pearl - who I love btw - did hers up beautifully:

 You can see the full sized pics on her blog, which is also amazing, here:  http://magnoliapearlblog.blogspot.com/

I especially love the claw foot bath. In an Airstream. That's what I'm talking about my friends.

Personally, I think I'd cover the ceiling in vintage maps - like these from VintagePaperWorks:

 Antique 1887 Map of Burma/Siam $10

And put up lots of lace curtains - I particularly like these from FadedGrandeur:
  Pair of Vintage French Filet Lace Curtains $49.90

Since I'm not one for ott girly really, I'd probably offset the lace with more industrial fixtures, I love this lamp from TheDirtyLoft:

  Industrial Metal Hanging Lamp $60

I know storage would be an issue in such a small space - but check this out from BellaroseSignature:

 Vintage Greek Key Brass Mail Boxes $250

They're only 15 inches deep, which would be perfect.

I can haz?


  1. I would LOVE one of those... I love that it can look spaceage on the outside but vintage couture on the inside!

    I'm kinda loving those brass mail boxes too!

    Little Rachael Vintage

  2. Oh, all those items are amazing!! :)

  3. I love that light fixture. And a footed tub in an Airstream? Brilliant! I too dream of owning one some day.