23 June 2010

The Dress

You asked for it, so here we go. I'll spare you having to see it on me as I've not been sleeping so well, and I look a bit scary.

I think I'll wear it for Bible Study tomorrow.


  1. Looove it & bet it looks darling on :)


  2. Love it and the biblical connection too. Although please, let us not forget, leprosy is still among us, it has not, sadly, been wipes of the globe. Which is why, when things look bad and gray and you think it couldn't get worse, remember it could -- hey, you could live in a lepper colony.

  3. Beautiful, girl! Take your camera to Bible Study tomorrow so someone can get a snap of you IN it! :D Love the pattern, the cut, the fabric, the lace, and ESPECIALLY the pocket! LOL