23 June 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: Short Shorts

I was chatting to someone the other day and I was saying that if I had it my way I'd only need a bikini all year round. And I also have a thing about short shorts. I own way to many pairs. I LOVE heat, and sunshine, and beaches, and perpetual summer.

I've come to the conclusion since living in the barren arctic north that the government must be putting something in the water that convinces people that playing in not quite frozen water, and that strapping planks of wood to their feet is fun. It's not. Think about how ridiculous that is for a second. I'm this close to actually buying my airstream and driving it down south.

But I digress.

For now I shall focus on the fact that it's nearly 90 outside, and show you my favourite barely there clothing.


  1. Umm, do it! (the airstream/heading south thing :)

  2. Great choices! I could totally rock those shades!