10 September 2009

The Urban Goddess is coming...

As most of you know, I've been exploring my creative side the last wee while - some of my  experiments haven't gone so well - but I was at work the other week, and my boss said to me -

'Siobhan - you should accessorize more'

Now, I work in a very style conscious environment, so I wasn't offended at all - it actually made me realise that I've gotten completely out of the habit, mainly due to tiny little fingers wanting to play (read: destroy) Mummy's pretties.

And also, as most of you know, we're really rather poor right now with DH being off work with his back.

So I started making things, and they've turned out really well- so well that soon Blythe Hopes Vintage will be adding an UrbanGoddess range, accessories that are made from vintage components with modern twists - a perfect way to enhance your vintage wardrobe!