29 July 2009

Quit Your Day Job....

...... hahahahahahahaha (in a maniacal, slightly hysterical tone)!

So, it turns out that my dear husband's degenerative disk disease is degenerating much much faster than would be considered normal for his age. He went to the doctor yesterday, and the long and short of it is that our doctor has taken him out of work as of now, and won't let him go back until he's had an MRI, physical therapy, and possibly surgery.

So boys and girls, this means that for the next wee while, instead of my shop providing fun and odd bill money, it now needs to provide things like um, food and stuff. Thankfully we'll get half pay, and I do have a (very) part time job outside the home - but watch out for a HUGE upsurge in listings and promotions from me!


  1. Sorry to hear that! but at least you will get to do more with your shop and hopefully it will bring you lots of success!!

  2. Sorry to hear that! There is nothing like the need for money to motivate you to list and sell though. Happy (and lots of) selling!

  3. As someone with back issues myself I know just where you're at...it's no fun. Kudos to you for stepping up and going for the max at the time when you need it the most! Good wishes to you and yours for a speedy solution to your life challenge.

  4. So sorry to hear about your husbands condition, I hope the docs are able to help him. Good luck and big hug.