31 May 2009

My new project

Everyone knows I have a slight obsession with vintage bar ware right? My problem is I also have the munchkin who thinks playing with mummy's 80 year old bar stuff is the funest thing ever.

I hate to leave it sitting in a high cupboard -so I came up with a very nifty solution.

Now it's not done yet - I need to seal it and mount the lights and put it on the wall - but I took this horrid plasticy looking cupboard:

And made it into the thing of beauty you see before you.

I adore it - and I'm also thinking of making a line to sell in my art shop - comments and thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and I'll obviously post a finished pic ♥


  1. I love it!!!!! I mean, seriously cool. You should definitely make some for the handmade shop!