14 April 2009

Plus size Vintage????

I've heard so many time 'I'd love to wear vintage - but it's all so small....'

So, my mission de jour is to hunt down some fabulous spring vintage pretties for the curvy girls out there :)

I found this gorgeous 60s mini dress from ParlorOfCuriousities, What I love is that it has 3/4 length sleeves - which is perfect if you have arm paranoia - and the colours are great for spring!


EndlessVintage has this beautiful dress - and a beautiful model! This 60s shape hangs really well on larger figures - and still look super stylish. Plus - how much easier is it to throw on a dress and boots, rather than sweat pants, t shirt, sweater, jacket.....


I adore this 40s dress from hautecountryvintage - this dusty pink is so in this spring:

ThickandThinVintage has the nautical trend down with this fabulous top:


  1. Great to have you back sweetie!
    Love the vintage clothes!!
    From one of your fav vintage aunties!

  2. I used to manage a plus size department for 2 years and I loved it! These styles are so flattering and way better priced for sure.

  3. Fab post! curvy girls rock, lol (as do the slender ones) ;) thanks for including the 40's dress, i'm sooo groovin' on that 60's piece from the Parlor, it might have to come to my house......


  4. oo great vintage finds! love them!