15 March 2009

My New Shoes

Remember I was saying I was after crocheted shoes? I found them! Very exciting and only 10 Euro in Primark! I got white and green... I love shoeses....

And here's a photo of an Irish shop for Antique :)


  1. Siobhan,
    So nice to see what you've been up to!!!
    Sweet shoes!!!
    I love seeing their milk, cars, the couple in front of the shop!
    Keep the pics coming!!
    Aunt Sue

  2. Looove those shoes!! i had similar pairs (just like the ones you showed the other day) back in the late 80's and wore out i don't know how many pairs of black & white!! sooo comfy, without the ugly you get w/most comfy shoes :)

    Glad you're have fun, keep the pics coming!


  3. I don't see the picture of the shop did I miss it? Shoes are cool. Maybe thats the picture? Keep it coming I love this.

  4. I just love vintage fashion!! Lovely shoes :) Green pair is best one!!