10 March 2009

The Look for Less

As you know, I'm all about supporting small businesses in this terrible economy - especially my fellow etsy sellers. When I buy something on etsy, I know the money is going directly into someone's mortgage - or buying nappies, or new supplies.

I recently came across Tracy Feith's new collection for Target, and it stuck me that the whole look is readily available from vintage sellers on etsy.

The Look: Geometric prints, A Line Mini Dresses, bright colours.

Target: $29.99 Cassie's Attic: $5.50

The Look: 70s Floral, Prairie Girl Maxi

Target: $44.99 thirteenleafclover: $16

Target: $44.99 cloudninevintage: $60

Oh - and the white dress from CloudNine? Frederick's of Hollywood.


  1. Vintage is always better and there aren't a gazillion exactly the same!! Way to go vintage!

  2. Wow blythe- thanks for researching that!
    It's so nice to see where the vintage can be found!

  3. Looove the white dress from Cloud9!! too bad it's too little :(

    Great bloggy :)

  4. Great post Blythe! Vintage is typically so much higher quality. Many Target lines are super-cute, but not made to last. Plus, wouldn't we all rather purchase from a cottage industry than from a large company who pays its' sweatshop employees 15 to 60 cents per hour?

  5. What a great post. Obviously being a vintage seller myself I love vintage generally speaking it is so much better made. Even stuff from just a few years ago seems better made than High St ranges these days.

  6. Great post! It's a good reminder that we can support each other instead of huge corporations.

  7. Thanks for this post! It is so true that buying from etsy sellers is a good deed of sorts. So let's shop, shop, shop!

  8. The top dress on the right brings back memories!! LOL. Can you believe that the stuff I wore when I was young is coming back?! Crazy.