09 March 2009

Skin Care for Planes

Actually - that title doesn't sound right... I meant, skincare for you, on a plane. Not skincare for a plane.

Anyway. The restrictions on liquids on airplanes mean that you're only able to bring small amounts of everything -which is a good thing - less to spill! But it does mean you need to think about what you're going to need.

The air is dry up there - so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! And spritz - I love the Grace Anti-Oxidant Spray from TheSpaGoddess - It smells amazing and you can feel your skin saying thank you.
She also has a fab mini kit available - which is the perfect size for traveling, and will sort all your skin care needs - and includes the toner
Lip balm is another essential - but don't get anything with menthol as it'll actually dry your lips out more - I love the look and sound of this one -I've not tried it, but judging by the feedback, it's good stuff! If I had more time I'd be ordering it - it has a touch of colour too - so no need for lipstick :)

Neptune's Kiss Sheer Merlot Lip Butter

And now that we're on the subject of make up - I really don't recommend it while flying. Mascara's only going to irritate your already dry eyes, and you'll have panda rings if you do manage to catch a nap. Not the best look really.

If you absolutely cannot got without - use a tinted lip balm and a mineral veil - personally I love Afterglow Mineral Veil from MixologyMakeup

It's really, really light, won't clog up your pores and gives a gorgeous dewy look to your skin.

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  1. I travel all the time and need a super hydrating skincare regime that didn't need 10 bottles stuffed in my overnight bag. When my aesthetician and doctor referred my sensitive skin to Riversol they said be prepared for your skin to have a healthy, dewy glow! Since using it I receive people commenting constantly! Yay! I love this line that was made over 10 years of research by dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers of Vancouver. www.riversol.com is where I buy it or there are many locations across North America thru doctors and spas.