20 August 2010

Fabulous Friday: Beach Day

In the on going saga of house buying, yesterday I received the most giant package of papers from the bank. I men HUGE. It wouldn't even fit in the post box, my dear post lady had to knock on the door.  So I spent yesterday afternoon reading them, and today, I'm going to attempt to understand them.


But, the main reason I need this out of the way is because I'm off the the lake for 3 glorious days. I'm so excited, I feel like I've not had a holiday in ages and ages. In honour of my long over due vacation, I give you my favourite beach finds:

vintage 1950s Sun Kissed 2 piece swimsuit $44 VintageCalling.etsy.com


 Colorful Picnic Set $44 joevintage.etsy.com

Retro Camper Hand Painted Bag $85 clpstudio.etsy.com

Retro South Beach Pin Up Girl Head Band $10  anickascottage.etsy.com

I seriously can't wait.

Also, you might have noticed the little pocket shop hiding over there ------------>
It turns out my shopping addiction can't be fed without paypal getting filled up once in a while, so I'm going to start selling stuff on a very limited, this will not control and consume my every waking moment and cause me to neglect my child basis.

: D


  1. cool! I love the headband!! Thank you for including my little romper suit :) Have alovely weekend at the lake! x

  2. Yaaaay for holiday at the lake(and re-opened shop)!!

    Yeah, the shopping monster MUST be fed :D