22 March 2010

Makeup Monday! Why I love Benefit...

Have you ever found a brand of makeup that literally does everything you want it to do? For me, it's Benefit cosmetics.

Unless I'm doing photo shoots, my makeup is very minimal - I like the no make up makeup look - and so for that reason I don't even use that much. The reason Benefit rocks out so much is they have mini sets at reasonable prices when you think about how long they're going to last. My lastest love is this pallete:

It's $36 - but contains EVERYTHING I need on a daily basis - al I add is mascara and BeneTint:

Both these together come to 56 - but it's everything I need for a good 6 months. Bargain. You can click the images to go directly to the Benefit site to read more about them - but if you use Sephora you can usually get good deals on shipping and many free goodies :)


  1. What a steal! I will have to check them out! Thanks for the write up!

  2. That really is a steal! I'm use BareMinerals as a 'foundation' and Smashbox for my colors, but I might just have to try this. :)