09 February 2010

Tuesday Trends : Twirl!

If there's one thing every girl should own, it's a crinoline.

'I can't wear a crinoline!' I hear you cry - yes, you can! You don't have to be a stick insect to wear one either - you just have to pick a length to suit your shape, and balance the skirt with a suitable top.

If you're very thin, you can wear a short, very full crini, and balance it out with a top that has a bit of pouf to the sleeves:

Twirl in Aqua from HauteCountryVintage $120

Vintage Ballet Pink Blouse from VonlenskaVintage $20 

Plus very high heels and cute fishnets :) 

If you're more of a pear shape (wider on bottom than top) choose a crini that starts poufing out lower - this way you won't be adding more width:

retrorenegadevintage $28

Pair it with a fitted blazer and frilly top:


thegreedyseagull $42

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