21 February 2010

Sunday Style

It's more than likly I won't be going anywhere today, as my DH woke up with a fever and general nastiness.

So instead I thought I'd share some photos from a recent shoot I did with the wonderful Rome Celli:

I honestly haven't had so much fun it a long time - our model, Alex, is quite possibly the most beautiful thing ever, and such a pro.



I took my turn too, Maria, the MUA, put my hair up into a giant 60s jobbie.


I'm going to have my work cut out for me getting everything listed now, I did get some done last night, but in between playing nursemaid today, I'll try get the rest up :)
Happy Sunday!


  1. I hope your hubby feels better soon!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Those first two dresses are especially stunning. So sorry to hear your hubby is sick, hope he is on the mend soon!

  3. Cheers CC :) I shall pass on all the good wishes to DH (who has now taken over couch and TV)

  4. Wow! The photos are beauties and it looks like you were having fun.

  5. i had the general nastiness for the last three days. *sad face*

    love those photos!