06 January 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: Winter Holiday...

....to the SUN!

With most of the country being blanketed in snow right now, I can't help but wish I was jetting off to somewhere sunny and warm. So for you lucky souls who ARE off on a lovely winter break, I bring you a capsule wardrobe perfect for lounging around the beach or on the ship's deck:

The Swim Suit:

Vintage 70s Swimsuit $25 blythehopesvintage.etsy.com

Beach to Bar Cover up : $35 KnitwitHues.etsy.com

Dress for Dinner : $300 thefrillofit.etsy.com (it's XL folks!)

Hit the shops : $20 hautecountrvintage.etsy.com


  1. Freakin eeeeks! i want that dress from thefrillofit, MUCHLY, lol.

  2. Wow - I love that navy and pink dress and am happy to know about the shop. That blue and white Lilli Ann coat she has is pretty spiffy, too!