27 May 2009

101 - HippyKlippyKlopShop

I love my Hippy Mama!

Possibly one of the nicest, most caring ladies I've had te grace to come across on etsy - HippyKlippyKlopShop has fantastic items she's collected along the way.

Pre depression Sligh Furniture Co 3 pc Bedroom Suite Vintage Set in Fantastic Condition

She also makes the most beautiful wreaths - I actually have two of them - and the compliments are always flying :)
The Spirit of this Forest Wreath Catches the Fallen Dove OOAK

And she's just opened her new shop Don't Ya Look ReCreations - featuring her One Of A Kind reconstructed dresses and outfits.

The woman rocks!


  1. Dear Darling Etsy Daughter.
    Many hugs and love to you.
    You are one fantastic person.
    Thanks for making me feel special !!!!
    Hugs, your Hippy Mama :o)

  2. I agree, Hippy is one of the sweetest, most caring people I've ever had the chance to meet! Love you Hippy Mama!

  3. Yaaaaay, 101! Hippy is the awesomest!!! Etsy families rock! xoxox