17 September 2008

Lessons I learned from my mother...

My mum's been here this week - she's the original fashionista. She left school at 16 to become a hairdresser, which was terribly frowned upon back in the day, as she was intelligent and had gotten into grammar school. But by the time she was twenty one, she was working with a top hairdresser in London, styling celebrities hair and working the big fashion shows in Milan, London, and Paris. She had her own car, had all her clothes made, and generally was having a rocking time.

She was terribly shy, though, and used her clothes as armor - a 'look good, feel good' policly, which I still hold to this day. It's amazing to me how people's perceptions are so influenced by how you present yourself to the world - the number of times people have said to both my mother and I 'you're lucky, you can get away with that as you're tall' - we both stand at 5'4".

While I obviously know it's important to possess self confidence - and that one should fel great in ballgown or binbag - most of us are not blessed with that self assurance naturally.

But is is possible to fake it til you make it - would you believe that the women in these photos thinks that she's terrbily unphotogenic, and to this day isn't that keen on posing?

There are days when when all you want to do is curl up in a tracksuit on the couch - and if you can that's cool - but if you do have to go face the world, it's better to do it in a great outfit with a smile on your face - by lunchtime you'll feel better :)


  1. Your mom is fabulous. I love those pictures. I agree with your view on how the way you dress affects your self confidence. I was having a conversation with a friend very similar to this. She always told me that when she feels icky she likes to wear sloppy clothes. I said, I think you should dress especially nice when you feel icky, that way you can't help but feel great when you look cute. She gave it a try and I don't think she'll ever put on that oversized fleece sweatshirt again.

  2. Wow!! I love this post.
    Your mom is amazing!
    Through those pictures I would never guess that she is not photogenic!

  3. I love this! Awesome finds at the estate sale as well :-)

  4. What a fun post! Your Mom is fabulous! I love the pics...I'll bet you just cherish those.

    Smiles, Karen

  5. The photos and the sentiments about your mom are both nice and yes, she looks FAB! Those 60s hairdos are the best--woo hoo!