21 September 2008

It's getting on for Halloween!

It's coming, the best night of the year - I love it - Halloween! When I was a kid, I used to spend weeks, months even coming up with an idea for a costume, and the even longer supervising whichever hapless parent who volunteered to help (read do it all) me make it. I was a bat, a skeleton, a witch, Wednesday Adams (my brother was Cousin It with a coconut hair skirt around his head)... good times.

Of course when I was little we all went off in groups by ourselves without an adult - there wasn't a worry of scary people kidnapping us, or being given poisoned sweets. There's no way now I'd ever let my daughter go by herself - and if kids reported to my door without a parent I'd be tracking down those parents in a heartbeat.

My daughter's going to be a dragon this year - so cute - so I may do the medieval princess thing to take her trick or treating - in a vintage gown of course!

Here are some ideas from my shop - with the right accessories - vintage can make the perfect costume!
How about a Marsha Brady outfit? This dress comes with a matching (!) waistcoat - be a 70s disco queen this Halloween!

70 Green and Orange Drop Waist Shirt Dress with Waistcoat Costume M L SALE

Or you and your friends could be flappers - without the 20s price tag. Try the 80s doing twenties dresses!

Vintage 80s Aqua FLAPPER Bow Dress M L SALE

Vintage 80s does 20s Ivory Beaded Flapper Dress S M

Vintage 80s Lacy Drop Waist FLAPPER Dress Latte and Cream M L SALE

Add yourself some gloves and pillbox hat - and you have Jackie O!

Elegant 60s Tan Jackie Dress Faux Leopard Collar Sz L SALE

Happy Sunday all!



  1. Ha! Love the Marsha Brady costume suggestion. :)

  2. I love your blog...hearted your shop, so you are one step closer to that Sept. goal! We are having dress-up days for Homecoming week in our High School...wish you were across the street and not across the country!

  3. Cute ideas! I LOVE Halloween, too. I've been posting all the costumes I've made for my kids on my blog.

  4. Those are wonderful custome ideas. I love halloween also. My kids have decided to me Mario and Luigi from the video games. We are having fun getting all the pieces together.