28 April 2012

My Attic Office

For the past week I have finally been working on my office. It's up in the attic, which sadly has no heat, so all winter I've been plotting and planning.

I believe it was refinished into a room circa 1955 - with that awful plastic paneling and industrial carpet. But no more! I ripped out the carpet, and just finished painting the paneling - it's already so much better:

The floor is just plywood - so I'm going to paint that and the window frames in gloss black, and I got some awesome black cube shelving this week that I'm going to put white baskets in. Hopefully I'll be done by Wednesday :)

I'll have more updates as I go I'm sure.


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  2. Looks wonderful! Great paint job!

    I have that "awful" plastic paneling. Your success makes me know I want to redo that paneling. What type of paint did you use? Any special preparation? Looks great! We got one of those new heaters from our local big lumber store for our new attic room. Awesome. They are made to save heating costs and are safe, safe, safe. Perfect for my attic with no heat.

    1. I didn't do mine to last as the plan its to drywall and put skylights in eventually - but I was going to do it, I'd sand it lightly and use a shellac primer :)

  3. Love your blog. I put your blog link on mine. My fiance' and I are vintage pickers in our spare time and have decided to start a blog about it. Please stop by if you get a chance and join. We have some cool things coming up soon.