17 April 2012

DIY Photo Album

Did you all know Micheal's is having a wicked sale this week? Yesterday the paper pads were half off, and my lovely husband went and got me some as a treat. Punches are half off today, but I doubt I'll get lucky two days running...

Anyhow, lately I seem to have been making lots of things for other people, and since I slept really really badly last night, I thought I'd give myself a treat and make something for me.

I saw a pin on pinterest about totally organising your life - I'm not that ambitious, but one of the ideas I like was making photo books by year and event, rather than just chucking them all on the hard drive with a 'one day I'll sort them out' type attitude.

With that aim in mind - I made this:

It's only a little 6x6 album, but I'm going to fill it with my daughter's baby pictures.

I used two pieces of thick cardboard (actually the back of of the paper pad - waste not, want not) and modged (which is a new verb dontchknow) pretty paper to the back and front and then distressed it, because, hey, it's my album right? Then I added the embellishments, punched a couple of holes in it and threaded some seam binding through.

The flower I made using this tutorial. I had to free hand cut the flower pieces though as I don't have the punch she uses (see why I need to get to Micheal's today??), and I didn't curl the edges as much.
I'm really pleased with it, am going to go through and order the photos I want tonight and then start filling it.

And then make MORE.

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