29 June 2010

Trends: Camping!

Growing up in Hong Kong, camping seemed like the most exotic of holidays. No, really, I'm serious. Outdoors for us was going on hikes through the country parks, or up into the New Territories, and if you did 'camp' it meant staying in government built concrete hut things.

So sleeping in an actual tent, with a real camp fire (not a government issue concrete grill) seemed terribly exciting. And unlike that snow stuff that everyone made such a fuss about, when I got older and moved away, it turned out to be just as fun as I thought.

In fact, during college, myself, Lally, Drew and Colin (hi boys), used to sleep out on the beach for fun., campfire going and Colin with his ever present guitar. Great fun.

So here are some of my current favorite camping things from around etsy (and of course, a treasury to match)

Survival Tool Firestarter $27 survivaltool.etsy.com

I really wish I'd had one of those when we were trying to get damp Devon tinder going.

Vintage Kerosene Lamp $28 kizzyrayan123.etsy.com

 Vintage Metal Pot set $7.95 timelessNchic.etsy.com

 German Sniper Sleeping Bag $40 lamiefrancaise.etsy.com

...and this is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen on etsy - a handmade camper!

Tear Drop Camper $4500 by jcmillard.etsy.com

Wants. Desperately.


  1. Take meeeeeeee! lol, at this point, i'd take a holiday near anywhere, even camping :D

  2. Bright idea for a post, I love camping! Off to check out the treasury...