02 May 2010

Sunday Specials: Tennesse Floods!

So as per usual, my search for peace and tranquility has been thwarted. I guess I'm just not cut out for it - and in all fairness, I'd get bored.

I arrived to bright sunshine and warmth on Friday afternoon, and checking the weather, they told us to expect storms on Friday evening...

Yeah - it hasn't stopped raining since then. Yesterday, Hols and I decided to go hunting anyhow, and we're blithely driving around, hitting thrifts,  going to subway, grabbing coffee milkshakes and getting soaked, when suddenly we hear a giant siren going off. So we're looking around for a fire truck, police car, whatever, and there's none to be found.

Then the realisation dawned that it wasn't a vehicle siren, it was the tornado siren. As we were on the highway and had no intention of going and lying down in the flooded ditch, we kept driving ( actually, I wanted to go see the tornado, but Holly wouldn't turn around - boo).

On the way home, we saw people carrying animals out of their flooded houses, and cars nearly totally submerged. Right now, there's a river flowing around Holly's house, but at least it's around not through. We have a contingency plan in case it starts flowing through the house - apparently there's someone with a boat....


  1. Wow, those are some pictures! Hope everyone is okay...keep us posted...

  2. I hope you guys stayed dry. That flooding is so scary! My cousin and his family live in Nashville area and they've been posting pics and video of all of the flooding :(