02 April 2010

Friday Finds: My Ultimate Garden

I know - I have gardening on the brain this week.

It's mainly because we're about to start plowing at the farm, we'll be spending the whole day tomorrow getting the ground ready, and I'm just so excited. You can check out our progress at the farm website www.FisherFamilyFarms.com

But for now I can dream about when I have my own garden, and all the fun things I'll put in it....

Check out this amazing sculpture by R2RCR:

I mean it's only $5700.

When I was in Thailand, I totally fell in love with hammocks - they are so seriously comfortable - I plan on having many scattered about:

This one is $25 from Ravensmoonwearables.

I also really want a brick oven - I particularly like this one from dvawolk:


One day....

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