21 April 2009

The Stories - part 1

By popular demand (and thank you for the emails!) here are the stories behind the pictures:

Photo 1: Faust 2002 -2003

This photo was taken at Matthew's 30th birthday party in Hong Kong - he's the one standing behind me looking intrigued at something - while I was working for Faust International Youth Theatre.

Working for Faust was an amazing time in my life - I was 18, and finally found what I was good at. It felt like I had free reign of an amazing playground, where anything was possible - I just had to ask. I designed costumes, did make up, taught classes, got thrown into the sound booth, and even had to step in to some of the kid's shows when SARS hit and half the children went AWOL.

More importantly, I found a sense of belonging in the company. There was a feeling of safety in that wonderful group of people, risks could be taken and no judgments would be made.

Working for Faust is what inspired me to head back to college - I loved working with young people, especially younger girls, and found I had a real affinity for them - and I felt like I could be a positive influence on their lives.....

.......Perhaps not while wearing a sparkly blue corset and a bright red wig - but you get my point.

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  1. That is horrible about the SARS and I am enjoying the stories and can't wait for more!