29 April 2009

Potty Training Trials

My dear darling daughter..... I love her, but we're having some issues.

She is well able to start training now, but whenever I ask her if she wants to use the potty, she balls up her little fists, goes bright red and yells:

"NO big girl! Am BABY!"

Um... Any ideas?



  1. Oh dear, that sounds like fun. Sorry chick, I don't have any ideas for you, but I'm sure it's just a phase.

  2. Well everything has to be associated with big girl. Ask her if she wants to help mommy make food in the kitchen and say you know this is what big girls do. Give her her own apron. Try associating as many things as you can with big girl activities. Thats all I got.

  3. I can offer advice but it can be a bit of a tough one to take because of pressure from all around saying, "Isn't it time she was out of ..." etc.
    I had 3 boys and we started toilet training at about 3 years of age, no potties ever. Just straight to the bathroom and on the toilet, we had a training seat and a little step. It worked brillaintly, hardly any accidents.
    They continued to wear nappies (diapers) during the night for maybe another year basically until they were old enough to go through the night. Again hardly any accidents.
    No pressure, easy because they were all ready to do it.
    Hope this helps.

  4. I wouldn't rush her! I would back off for awhile and then try again! They all get potty trained eventually (hopefully!) keep smiling! love your blog!!

  5. Im having the same issue with my daughter only she screams "No!No!No!" when I ask her if she's like to use the potty.Today went ok but she still never used it successfully.I don't want to push i and end up giving her an issue but at the same time oh would it be nice if she would use it.

  6. chill and let them have fun on the potty. jen's right - don't rush her. Tanya lets Sam play her iphone on the potty.

  7. Ha Ha Keon (and hug hugs btw) I'd say Blythey would have my phone IN the potty if I tried that one....

  8. I am a little late to chime in. But I agree back off a few weeks. Then start again. Here's what I did and both my daughter and son were real easy. I put a calendar they picked on the wall and they go a gold star every time they actually went in the potty. When they got X number of stars they got a treat (not food usually). I also would sit in the floor and read to them (like 20 minutes) while they sat on the potty. Lot's of times they would go because they were relaxed while I was reading. That's what I did. Good luck!