07 March 2009

Oh the Joy of Travel....

.....With a two year old. As most of you know, I've lived a lot of places and have been flying since I was two, and by myself since I was seven.

But I've never done it with a toddler. I'm very proud of myself - I leave on Tuesday, and as of about ten minutes ago I'm all packed - and I've managed to get everything into three bags - two to check in, and one for the plane:

The blue one conveniently fits in the under basket of the stroller (which it oh so perfectly coordinates with ♥), so changing planes in Dublin should be a breeze as the black one hooks on the handles, and the brown bag can go across my body - so hands free!

I'm pretty sure I have a good bag of tricks going - colouring books, washable markers, playdough, stickers, and a little make up set.....

....and of course - the toddler essential - lots of snacks! Nothing worse than a hungry child in a crowded place. Tantrum city.

Can you tell I love ziplocks?


  1. You ARE brave to travel with a toddler. Going by yourself? Hope you have a wonderful trip, and get to see lots of old friends. I'm sure they'll love seeing Blythe. She'll be spoiled from all the attention :-)

  2. Be careful with the playdough. It can get rubbed into things and make a real mess. Also, I recommend at least one little juice box. you can get them in less than 3oz sizes. A little pricey, but worth keeping the little one quiet. Be sure you have plenty of baby wipes and an extra change of clothes in the carryon, even if the little one is potty trained. And GOOD LUCK!

  3. Chick, you are so organized! I'm so excited for you, going home to spend time with your sweet Mum.

  4. My baby and juice cartons... not a pretty site. She's worked out that if you squeeze them really hard you get a really cool stream of juice which you can spray people with! Yay, how fun!

    Such a joy my child.

  5. Ha, looks like you are ready. Very organized too, I am sure the trip will be great:):)