12 March 2009

The Journey

I'd like to take this moment to publicly thank God for giving me such a wonderful, well behaved child.

Honestly, she was an angel the whole way. The first leg - Rochester to Philadelphia, she sat in her little seat, seatbelt fastened, reading the in flight magazines and eating Goldfish. We must have looked a pictured the pair of us - the stewardess even came and asked me if she could read already!

We had a 2 hour stop in Philly before our next flight to Dublin - at this stage I was getting sleepy - but queen Blythe wished to bestoy her love of the dear people of Philadelphia - sitting in her carriage (stroller), being pushed by her servant (me) and waving and laughing at everyone.

She hasn't quite got her laugh worked out yet - it's a little bit scary. Someone would smile at her, and she'd look up at them and let out a loud 'BWAHAHAHAHA!'

I got some funny looks.

The star tantrum saver of the trip was the pack of stickers I got at the dollar store. she played happily decorating the wall of the plane to Dublin for about an hour and a half before crashing out on my lap for a few hours.

By the time we finally got to Cork, the poor child was exhausted - fast asleep the whole way home. But bless her, she stayed up til about 7.30pm Irish time before crawling into bed and sleeping for twelve hours straight.

Happy Baby. Happy Mummy.

And for my dear AntiqueAttic - the start of your photo collection:


  1. God love that sweet baby!! so glad she was good for you & that flights went smoothly. Have fun, mwah!

  2. Very smart mummy, buying those stickers.
    She looks like a wonderful little girl. Traveling is always hard. I'm glad you did well.

    Congrats on being on the front page!! You look terrific.

  3. Bless her little cotton socks!

  4. Siobhan,
    Thanks so much for posting this!
    God answers prayer for sure!
    What a blessing that Blythe behaved so well!
    Have a wonderful time away!
    Give Mum love from across the pond!
    Love, Aunt Sue

  5. Aww I love the milk it has a little cow on it! Its like a treasure hunt to find my pics...lol...Little kiddo was like me going across the pond and it was a good 15 hours of sleep for me...she is so cute!