02 March 2009

Help me decide!

I'm usually great at packing - but never before have I had to pack for myself and a baby, for a month, and only being able to take what I can carry.

So one bag basically as I'll have the stroller to push.

My main problem is my shoes - I figure I'll wear my boots and take one extra pair - but which ones? The ones I choose will determine which clothes I take as obviously everything has to coordinate....

So here are the choices:

Beautiful Red Shoes

If I take these, it'll mean shades of black, red and grey. And limited walking as that's a 4 inch heel...

Teal and Brown Shoes
These are really comfy - but if I take these I'll be limited to all the browns in my wardrobe.

Black Shoes

These are the most comfortable of my heels - but...

I don't know. You all choose for me.


  1. I love all three but...no question..take the most comfortable!

  2. I'm picking the comfy black shoes, they'll go with nearly everything. (if you can squeeze them in, take the red ones too) Sorry, I'm no help packing, especially shoes, I always take way too many :(

  3. I know - the black ones are the most sensible... and my boots are brown... but I love my red shoes!

  4. If it were me I would live in my boots and wouldn't need to wear the others much so I would take the red ones since you love them so much - and they are the cutest. :)
    Have a great trip!

  5. I see your dilema. I really like the teal shoes - though the black ones will go with everything. Does that help? (LOL)

  6. All are gorgeous, but you gotta be practical and comfortable. I say the black cause they are comfy and go with everything.

  7. I love them all, but I also would say comfortable. No fun when you cannot enjoy your time.


  8. They're all so cute, but I vote black.

  9. You've already packed by now, so my opinion doesn't count, but I love the red pumps. These shoes are all fantastic, and so you!