19 March 2009

Go Joey!

I'm so very excited for my dear friend Joey Auch! Himself and my dear husband have been friends since forever, and toured with their band 11foot7.

I got a call yesterday from said Husband - and wouldn't you know - Joey's singing a song on Scrubs! Of course I'm in flipping Ireland and couldn't watch - but I did find this news clip with an interview (and he mentions my DH :))

Joey is lovely, and currently gracing our screens as the voice and creator of the Fillet O Fish jingle.

There you go - that's him in my attic.

I'm so excited for him ♥

Now - go click the links and give the boys some love.


  1. Awesome! that filet-o-fish song KILLS me. Hope you & lil' B. are enjoying your holiday! miss ya :)