28 February 2009

Challenge Day 2 Update

It's the second day of the challenge - and I've sold two things! 16 to go - woo hoo!

I'd also like to share some fabulous trades I've made the last wee while:

I traded espanolita for this great little bag - it's a 60s toiletry bag - but I'm going to use it for all my bits and pieces when I make the 16 hour trip to Ireland with baby in tow. All those little pockets will be great for snacks, passports, little toys and baby wipes.

I also got this GORGEOUS skirt! Really smart looking - I have a job interview tomorrow with an acting/modeling school - so am probably going to wear it.

I got this great scarf from crowdandy for my husband - the woman does beautiful work - it's about the nicest scarf I've ever seen.

And of course my lovely hippy mama hippyklippyclopshop - she sent me a HUGE bag of little toys for baby Blythe, including dragons, knights, princesses, animals... Honestly - the munchkin was so excited - I think she thought it was Christmas time again!

I loves trading!

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