18 January 2009

CPSIA Compliant

I just wanted to do a quick post here to stand behind our handmade and vintage friends who are facing the upcoming CPSIA deadline.

The law as it stands is ridiculously broad, and will make it impossible for small businesses to comply.

You can read more about it here.

In the mean time - check out these new CPSIA Compliant listings - this is our future if the law stands as it is:

CPSIA COMPLIANT TUTU - Design Your Own Ribbon Trimmed Tutu - Hand Picked by You - Perfect for Portraits, Valentine's Day, Birthdays $2940


  1. THANK YOU for helping to spread the word!!

  2. Fight the good fight! Handmade and vintage sellers who put love and care in their products are being penalized because greedy toy makers in China put lead and melamine in their products. This is wrong, and the law has got to be re-written! Thanks Blythe for keeping this on the front burner.

  3. Great bloggy blythe!! Thanks for helping get the info out there. This law NEEDS to be revisited & re-written ASAP!!!

  4. hey, you posted a comment on my blog so I came to check out yours and I find out you're in rochester too! how horrible for the both of us, the winters are so dreary here :)