25 January 2009

As it's the weekend...

I've been spending time with my baby girl - who is just about my most favourite person in the world ♥

It's her Birthday (and mine) this coming weekend - and that means party party time!

I'm very excited - I love being hostess - it gives me an excuse to play at being creative.

I've decided on a flower theme - lots of bright colours to cheer up the dreary Rochester winter, so out come my trusty scissors, glue and construction paper!

I made these little baskets for party favors - and as I can't get the flowers I want for the table - I made these:

We're going to have bright yellow table cloths and blue plates, lots of mini finger food and brightly colored jello pudding.

I've also got yellow streamers and have made daisies to hang at the corners.

I know she won't remember it - but I will.


  1. How sweet! I always loved the little parties too-what a cute idea you have...and your daughter is adorable! My best friend in the world is my oldest daughter..who is now 25, and I cannot believe that! Happy B-day to you both!!

  2. Siobhan,
    Yay!!! Hope you and the girlie have a wonderful birthday!!
    Fun favors!!!
    Aunt Sue

  3. Awww girls are so much fun! I have 3, but they are all growed up and married. I am to become a grandmother beginning of April! Can't believe how time has flown by. Maybe another girl?


  4. awww happy birthday to you both! i love all the handmade flowers! so cheery!

  5. Happy Birthday Blythe, and to your sweet little girl too! She is so beautiful! Hope you had a good party :)

  6. Lookin' good :0) the flower theme is fab & so is baby b!!!

  7. SOOOOO cute!!! Happy birthday :)

    xx VintagePrincipessa from etsy

  8. Happy early birthday you two! weeeeeeee! partay!

  9. Happy birthday to both of you! What cheery decorations! Have fun!